"I love JBT! I love how you get to meet new friends. It's like one big family." - Bella, 10

"I have been participating at Jeter for the past ten years, and it has become my favorite place in the world! I have loved every role, no matter how small, and I look forward to rehearsals and shows more than anything else. " - Janie, 15

"The new friendships that I made and the new things that I learn there will last me a lifetime, and I will never forget how sweet everyone is there. If someone asked me what the greatest choice my parents ever made for me, I'd probably say, "Letting me go to Jeter Backyard Theater." - Emma 12

Students & Alumni

“Our children love to sing and dance, and to be honest, that is what I thought that musical theater would teach them to do. I had no idea how much more they would learn. They were able to help build the set, learned how to audition, worked on staging, singing, acting, dancing, and expressing themselves before an audience. The most important part to me, however, was how much they grew in ways that were not part of the performance. They learned to be part of a team, to work extremely hard toward a goal, to support others, and that they can achieve far more than they thought that they could. JBT does not simply produce performers, the school produces stronger, more confident individuals who are ultimately better people.” - Krista Tozier

"I have had 2 daughters participate in JBT over the past 10 years and I really believe their experience in JBT helped to shape and mold them into the young women they are today.  Christie Jeter didn't just mentor, foster and train them in their vocal abilities and stage presence, she gave them self-confidence and found a way to bring out the best in them.  She taught them about being part of a team, working together and having fun!!" - Camille Barrett

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"Our nine-year old daughter’s pure love and enthusiasm for musical theaterhas grown tremendously over the past four years we’ve been with JBT.  Mrs. Jeter runs an excellent theater arts program, and our daughter has thrived in their inclusive and nurturing environment. Mrs. Jeter and her team genuinely care about each child that walks into their studio, and as a parent, it’s a comforting feeling knowing that not only is our daughter doing what she loves while learning from the best, but knowing that they have her best interests at heart." -Shelley, four years with JBT


"Jeter Backyard Theater offers something special to young actors - an opportunity to find his or her own "superpower."  - Sarah, 16

"My daughter attended a Little Mermaid Kids camp at Jeter Backyard Theater.  A colleague with a music education background recommended JBT to me when I was trying to find a local program to try out. My husband and I were apprehensive to send our 9-year old into a full day camp without any friends, but our fears were relieved at camp pick-up.  Emma thrived in the JBT environment and made fast friends with children both younger and older than her. As we watched the amazing show that the kids and staff created in just 5 days, we decided that we would continue participating in classes at Jeters.  This is Emma's fourth summer at JBT; she loves the programs, kids, and staff.  In addition to the acting and singing benefits, Emma has developed confidence, empathy, and friendship skills while at Jeters.  She now participates in the JBTEAM and has been given wonderful opportunities to perform.  My husband and I are thrilled with the Jeter Backyard Theater experience our daughter has had." - Kelly Neff

"I always can’t wait to go to Jeter!  I’ve loved it since my first play when I was five years old. I love learning from Mrs. Jeter and all of the teachers, and it is a place I can explore and not be afraid to try different ways of acting, singing, and dancing." - Loren, 9

"JBT has given me a place where I can express myself and my love of acting, dancing, and singing, It is like a 2nd home to me, I have made some of my closest friends through Jeter that I know will last a lifetime." - Ella, 10

"I really like going to the rehearsals every week, and especially like performing on stage. " - Jacob, 8

“Our son has been involved with JBT for over 6 years.  During those 6 years JBT has not only  developed his singing, acting and dancing abilities; it has also advanced his confidence, leadership, social skills and created friendships that will last a lifetime! JBT is not just a theater that produces high quality performances it is an experience we will treasure forever.” - Dan and Susie Pedersen