"My family has been blessed many times over, and I can say without hesitation that my daughter and sons involvement in JBT is one of those blessings.  My daugher Emily started at JBT in 2008 and participated in 11 shows and was in the first group of kids that Christie took to Atlanta - an experience she will never forget!  My son George started in the Fall of 2009 and particicipated in 13 shows and counting.  I tell people all the time Christie Jeter is just someone you want your kids around.  She brings out the best in the kids, every show becomes a new family, a team that wants to put their best foot forward which is what she teaches and expects. I would not trade one minute or one dollar of the time and money we've spent at Jeter Backyard Theater.  It's made my kids more cultured, more confident, more accepting and more accepted, and even harder working.  Cheers to JBT and cheers to the next 10 years!  - Mary Lou Nix

"I am so grateful for my years spent at Jeter Backyard Theater.  There is no greater environment to experiment with the arts and learn valuable performance skills.  The atmosphere is fun and inviting, and everybody is extremely passionate about the craft.  The entire faculty are industry pros and care so deeply for each and every one of their students.  As a JBT student you are always presented with new opportunities to grow."  - Livi 18

"As we sit at a TV show set waiting to tape, learning sides for an audition for a new CBS PILOT and a callback for a voice over on a new Disney Jr. show, I asked Ashlyn (12) what she would like to say about JBT.  She says, "That's easy. Jeter Backyard Theater is where dreams are born."

"JBT is the young artist's workshop. Where collaboration and imagination fuse!" - Conner 22

“Our son has been involved with JBT for over 6 years.  During those 6 years JBT has not only  developed his singing, acting and dancing abilities; it has also advanced his confidence, leadership, social skills and created friendships that will last a lifetime! JBT is not just a theater that produces high quality performances it is an experience we will treasure forever.” - Dan and Susie Pedersen

“My girls absolutely love Jeter Backyard Theater. It's a place where they have been able to develop their talents and enthusiasm for musical theater in a nurturing environment -then use these skills as they grow to give back as camp helpers - a confidence building blessing!”- Therese Dawson

“Our children love to sing and dance, and to be honest, that is what I thought that musical theater would teach them to do. I had no idea how much more they would learn. They were able to help build the set, learned how to audition, worked on staging, singing, acting, dancing, and expressing themselves before an audience. The most important part to me, however, was how much they grew in ways that were not part of the performance. They learned to be part of a team, to work extremely hard toward a goal, to support others, and that they can achieve far more than they thought that they could. JBT does not simply produce performers, the school produces stronger, more confident individuals who are ultimately better people.” - Krista Tozier


I have had 2 daughters participate in JBT over the past 10 years and I really believe their experience in JBT helped to shape and mold them into the young women they are today.  Christie Jeter didn't just mentor, foster and train them in their vocal abilities and stage presence, she gave them self-confidence and found a way to bring out the best in them.  She taught them about being part of a team, working together and having fun! The JBT experience prepared my girls for their high school musicals, college a cappella choirs and public speaking they continue to use daily.  Thanks JBT for the skills you taught, the friendships that were made and the memories of a lifetime.  May the community continue to benefit from your presence here!" - Camille Barrett




“ My son didn't enjoy any of the activities we were signing him up for. When he found acting and theater he found his passion. Working with Christie and the Jeter Backyard Theater team he gained the confidence and direction needed to thrive in the area he so loved.  JBT is a family that accepts and encourages everyone, and provides many opportunities for students to grow in the field.”

- Robin Tino

"Jeter Backyard Theater offers something special to young actors - an opportunity to find his or her own "superpower."  - Sarah 16

"When I think of acting I do not think of the mask symbol, people on a stage with fake and sometimes real emotions, or a long script.  When I think of acting, I think of Mrs. Jeter and JBT.  I have been acting for nearly 5 years, from Aristocats KIDS in the Treesdale Community Center to my latest show Junie B. Jones in the new JBT Studio.  So much has changed since then, not just the studio, but also me. 

Mrs. Jeter  taught me how to act, which is a skill I will use for the rest of my life. When I am acting I feel happy, confident, and bold.  I am very imaginative and I like to be able to express myself through my actions words and movements.  Acting is a fun way for me to do what I like and see my friends.  I think anyone can act whether you're into sports or video games. You just need to be present to act."  - Jack 11

"Both of our kids have been a part of JBT. Not only has it helped them with their performance skills, it has given them self-confidence and the ability to work hard toward a common goal with a team. Christie runs a wonderful program, and we can't imagine JBT not being part of our lives." - Marc Malandro

“We can honestly say that Maren may have never gotten to discover her love of theater, were it not for JBT. Maren had many opportunities early in her life to gain experience with all aspects of theater with JBT, both on the stage and behind the scenes,  including trips to Atlanta GA and NYC. She nurtured her talent and love for the stage, while never needing to leave her own back yard, literally! As a parent, that flexibility of level of show participation and commitment along with the convenience of being so close really allowed us to support Maren and discover with her just how much she loved it. Maren is enjoying her fourth and final high school musical at PR in large part due to the training and experience she had with JBT.” - Stacey Dennison